• Why use EnTrade

    Each year over £13bn is spent in catchments in England and Wales, with typically up to 50 bodies in a single catchment controlling this spend. Much of this is allocated inefficiently with little dialogue between investors or time spent identifying cost-effective alternatives.

    Efficient markets are driven by information. EnTrade is a trusted information source to farmers and land managers about the value of the environmental services from their land.

    Using EnTrade to deliver your environmental goals provides the following benefits:

    • It provides a simple user experience
    • It's scalable from the smallest sub-catchment all the way to the country as a whole
    • It removes the cost of expensive traditional approaches
    • It adds scale and reaches advisers on the ground
    • It complements existing approaches of regulatory enforcement and advice
    • It enables beneficiaries, brokers and suppliers to collaborate.

    EnTrade can make this allocation of funding more efficient. Our expert team allows buyers and sellers to come together to identify the most cost-effective combination of measures to affect a specified environmental outcome.

    We can tailor our service to water companies by assisting them in facilitating an environmental market with farmers and land managers.