Nutrient neutrality and Biodiversity Net Gain with catchment markets

We are creating fast, efficient ways to meet your planning obligations, particularly for nutrient neutrality. Our concept of catchment markets, as outlined in this report from the Broadway initiative is being developed to reduce the risks, costs, and delays caused by negotiating offsets with individual project suppliers.

Our first market is being developed in Somerset, starting with engagement with local farmers to gather expressions of interest in providing Nature-based projects to supply Phosphorus and Biodiversity Credits in the Tone and Parrett Catchments.

The process for registering interest to buy credits from these Nature-based projects has now opened. Visit our Credit Needs Registration page to find out more, including answers to a series of Frequently Asked Questions.

Starting with water

EnTrade started life as a catchment management solution, and we’ve run a number of successful pilot programs with UK water companies. 

Our initial project in the Poole Harbour catchment removed 40 tonnes of nitrogen from the ecosystem, substantially reduced carbon emissions compared to the alternative, generated valuable new revenue opportunities for the farmers involved and delivered a 30% saving on compliance costs to Wessex Water – on top of the millions of pounds saved by not having to build a new treatment plant.

Expanding our horizons

With climate change and species extinctions rising up the political and media agenda, society is becoming increasingly aware of the need for nature recovery.  

Our ability to enable environmental benefits at a granular local level – quickly, simply and cost-effectively – has already attracted interest from a range of private and public organisations and NGOs, including airports, FMCG manufacturers, local authorities, housing developers and utility companies in the UK and elsewhere.

Work with us

Our online marketplace can be used to optimise investment and delivery for any environmental improvement measure, including Carbon Storage, Catchment Nutrient Balancing (CNB), Nutrient/Nitrogen Neutrality, Source Protection, Net Biodiversity Gain (NBG), Natural Flood Management and Landscape Permeability/Connectivity.

  • Verify environmental benefits
  • Deliver better environmental outcomes
  • Increase ROI on environmental protection and remediation

Find out how simple it is to set up an EnTrade marketplace, then get in touch to discuss your environmental objectives. 

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