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A new deal for the natural environment

We’re pioneering a new approach to solving our environmental problems, addressing issues such as climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss – by creating online marketplaces to incentivise and reward sustainable farming practices at the local level.




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A new revenue source for farmers

We offer farmers a new way to make money by selling environmental services to businesses. Becoming an EnTrade farmer provides you with three key benefits:

  1. Be a price maker, not a price taker
  2. Get paid on time
  3. Create sustainable new revenue streams for a more secure future

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Creative solutions for business

Progressive businesses want to achieve more than compliance – they want to make a positive impact. But unless you’re profitable, you can’t make any impact at all. EnTrade squares the circle, aligning business objectives with social and environmental goals through the dynamics of fair and well-regulated markets.

A proven approach

Our pilot projects have already delivered measurable improvements in local ecosystems, created new revenue streams for farmers and enabled businesses to make efficiency savings while reducing their environmental footprint. Everybody benefits – which is exactly how fair trade should work.

Whether you’re a farmer looking to uncover new revenue opportunities, or part of an organisation looking to fund better environmental outcomes, get in touch today.

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A range of applications

Originally developed to bring farmers and water companies together to reduce levels of nutrients in our waterways, our market-based model and scalable technology platform have the potential to transform environmental management and remediation across a wide range of industries, including energy, transport, construction and manufacturing.

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Time for action

It’s time for innovation and pragmatism in the search for effective environmental solutions. Why? Because as anyone can see, the old ways aren’t working – at least not as well as we need them to.

We want to work with progressive, forward thinking individuals and businesses to help dramatically improve ROI on environmental expenditure. Because greater returns will lead to higher investment, enabling a faster track to a healthier environment.

If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

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