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A new deal for the natural environment

We’re pioneering a new approach to improving the environment, by accelerating private investment in nature-based solutions. We are addressing climate change, water pollution and biodiversity loss, by creating online marketplaces to invest in sustainable farming practices at the local level.

A new revenue source for farmers

We offer farmers a new way to make money by selling environmental credits from their land . Becoming an EnTrade farmer provides you with three key benefits:

1. Create new, reliable income streams
2. Get paid on time
3. Get paid at commercially viable rates to look after nature

We design our online marketplaces to make it easy for farmers to make bids and see if the price they want is likely to be paid. Since July 2016, we have run over 30 marketplaces and set up contracts for farmers that are worth more than £3.4 million. The more that farmers register interest, then the more demand there will be from buyers across the country. It’s quick, easy and free to sign-up.

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Net gain for developers

We offer developers the chance to buy regulator-approved credits for biodiversity and nutrient neutrality - both phosphorus and nitrogen offsets. Our catchment market solutions, as set out in this Broadway Initiative publication, helps to secure planning approvals quickly and cost effectively.

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Natural solutions for pollution control

Water pollution reduction, carbon storage and flood risk reduction are just some of the additional environmental services that be created by investing in nature. We can use our technology and science to turn your maps and partnerships into real deals that deliver for nature and your environmental goals.

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