About us

EnTrade is now one of the most experienced environmental market operators in the UK.

About EnTrade

EnTrade creates and operates high-integrity markets in nature-based solutions that deliver a range of environmental services, including nutrient mitigation, biodiversity gain, carbon sequestration and natural flood management.

Operating catchment markets include:

Before the development of the catchments markets, EnTrade ran schemes for single buyers of nature-based projects from multiple project suppliers in specific geographies.

Examples include:

  • Anglian Water source protection
  • Affinity Water and Cambridge Water nutrient and pesticide reduction
  • Poole Harbour nutrient and biodiversity outcomes
  • district licensing newt pond auctions.

Our people

Our team brings together market, environmental, technical and regulatory expertise.

Guy Thompson

Managing Director

Guy Thompson

A seasoned operational and strategic leader, Guy has a reputation as a progressive voice for the environment at the highest levels of government and business. He has extensive experience in environmental policy and regulation, having worked to accelerate action on nature and climate recovery in senior executive roles in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Guy currently has a dual role with Wessex Water as Group Sustainability Director and Managing Director of EnTrade, a Wessex Water business that is creating and operating high-integrity environmental markets. Prior to taking the helm at EnTrade, he was Chief Operating Officer and a founding Executive Director of Natural England, the government’s expert adviser on the natural environment. Before that, he was Director of Green Alliance, a leading think tank known for its ambitious leadership on environmental issues. Throughout his career, he has consistently argued that business innovation is key to delivering better environmental outcomes. At EnTrade, he has enthusiastically taken up the challenge of proving the argument.

Amy Coulthard

Director of Operations

Amy Coulthard

As EnTrade’s Director of Operations, Amy leads on the frontline delivery of the EnTrade business to create high-integrity environmental markets that can be delivered at scale across the UK. In this role she will help shape the policy settings needed to unlock investment in nature. Amy has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the environmental sector and a strong track record of collaborating with external partners to deliver innovative solutions that balance the needs of nature and people. In her previous roles at Defra, Natural England and Avon Wildlife Trust, Amy successfully navigated complex politics and managed relationships with government, businesses and the community to deliver meaningful nature recovery on the ground.

Jez Graham


Jez Graham

An accomplished environmental scientist with 15 years of experience in the industry, Jez has been influential in developing catchment management schemes and positioning them as the new normal. He is a qualified farm adviser with applied expertise in mitigation optimisation, monitoring, and modelling. With a passion for innovation and technology, Jez advocates for the role of managed landscapes in delivering robust, equitable and far-reaching outcomes for people and the environment.

Our collaborators

EnTrade works closely with a range of organisations to:

  • support the design of robust markets that deliver fair payments for projects and value for money for credit buyers
  • ensure that there are rigorous systems and processes governing the design and delivery of each market
  • work with landholders to support them in developing projects that address local environmental challenges.

Our collaborators include:

University of Exeter
Wheatley Young Partners
Avon Wildlife Trust
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
Arcadian Ecology and Consulting