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EnTrade is on the leading edge of environmental market design and operation. Our team of experts is well placed to share key insights about the role that well-designed, high-integrity markets can play in helping businesses to meet their environmental goals and landholders to secure a sustainable income stream from projects that restore nature.

Public investment alone won’t be enough to restore nature for the next generation

Guy Thompson is managing director of EnTrade, an online marketplace in accredited environmental services, formerly he was director of Green Alliance and founding executive director of Natural England.

Taking on the Terraton Challenge

This week we received some great news - we've been announced as one of 36 innovations worldwide to provide solutions to remove one trillion tonnes of atmospheric carbon dioxide in agricultural soils.

Natural capital is the next horizon for green investors

Earlier this month, the FTSE re-labelled oil and gas as non-renewable energy and the National Trust renounced its fossil fuel shares, just as the government launched its Green Finance Strategy at the City's third Green Finance Summit.

Fundspreader our new uniform price scheme

A group of farmers in Dorset have all been equally rewarded for making reductions in the levels of nitrates that are lost from their land and entering Poole Harbour - an internationally important environmental site - by growing cover crops, thanks to our new uniform price scheme.

Making sense of complex landscapes

Hats off to Green Alliance for convening a typically topical debate last week asking: Can earth observation help save the planet? For many at the event, the answer to that question was an emphatic "yes". As Will Marshall, CEO of Planet Labs, operator of the world's largest fleet of earth observation satellites, said: "if you can see it, you can manage it".

EnTrade app launched to ease cover crop verification process

We're delighted to announce the launch of our handy new app, which allows busy farmers who have committed to grow environmentally-friendly cover crops in an EnTrade scheme to quickly verify their work while they are out tending to their land.